Career and Development workshops

When I left the corporate world I found that actually I wasn’t the only one feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled and unhappy in my career. I had friends, colleagues and people from my network ask, “How do I figure out what I want to do next?” and “How do you transition into a new career?” In mentoring and coaching students I realised they equally struggled trying to figure out what route to take, how to transition into their first jobs or how to transition out of their current jobs. Through my experience of transitioning and rebranding myself, from a graduate to young professional and from a young professional to a solopreneur, married with my background in training these development workshops were born.

In office workshops available for corporations. Please email enquiries to:



  • Job hunting strategies
  • CV and cover letter rebrand 
  • Interview preparation
  • Confidence building
  • LinkedIn rebrand

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  • Understand what your values are
  • Identify what obstacles might arise
  • How to remove limiting beliefs
  • Help you set goals and timelines
  • Who can help you move forward

Let me know if you wish to be notified of the next date