10 weird and wonderful facts about me

  • I grew up speaking French, Spanish and Italian fluently
  • I sang for the Queen's birthday (please never ask me to sing in public, those days are well and truly over)
  • During my spare time I love to paint watercolours and dry pastle creations
  • I played the violin for 2 years and the piano for 8 years
  • I've ran my first and last half marathon (never again!)
  • I was in the Air Cadets for almost 3 years where I spent my school breaks and weekends off flying planes
  • I've visited 32 countries (and counting...)
  • I was an avid swimmer for over 8 years
  • Three causes close to my heart: social mobility, mental health and homelessness
  • 3 words that are often used to describe me: caring, intelligent and authentic